I have found the most marvelous thing. Listen up. This is important:

You are going to make a million mistakes and that's OK (do you see how large the letters O and K are? That is how large this is. I am serious, this is my serious tone). It doesn't matter. You will get hurt. You will hurt yourself. It doesn't matter. Pay it no mind. You will prevail.

Because, in your shame - you are so human. And in your embarrassment, you are so real. You are the epitome of what it is like to be an experience, and to experience. You are a walking marquee for all of what it means to be human.

It is so important to take pride in these things. It is so important to let your body fill with the heat of the ugly and, then, to rinse it cool with the knowledge of how lucky and amazing you are to be a figure of the essential human spectrum. Chin up.

Shift your perspective. Again and again, until you find one that works. Make it work for you. Know you are a beautiful, walking, breathing embodiment of writhing, flailing human.

Perspective shi(f)t.