it's all here. somewhere.

04.10.17//in the stale air

06.14.14//Perspective shi(f)t.

03.10.13//As good as I am awfully sure it will ever be.

04.02.12//A process of Id & Ego

12.16.11//C'est La Vie

03.08.10//The Dreams/ The Unconscious




06.08.09//I must be the devil's daughter

04.13.09//A Spring Sleep

03.03.09//But it's probably not really so


01.11.09//Today, a lazy day, featuring an ornate coffee cup (etc.)

11.25.08//sneezing fits


10.20.08//something unforgiveable

09.02.08//If I stay, I need to know you like the inside of my head, not just the outside

08.27.08//Since cure encompasses all.

08.26.08//Everything is always a metaphor for you.



08.10.08//I am all the flickering lights within a ten mile radius. Sweet jesus.

08.03.08//Lists are helpful for summarizing things, but somehow not as much in the summer.

07.17.08//It was important to state it, yes.


06.28.08//please go back to sleep

06.07.08//It is done when it is finished.

06.03.08//my lover is moving to tokyo in two days

05.27.08//tonight and every other night

05.24.08//the way the birds chirp and yawn


05.12.08//I want you to hate me so perhaps you will still think of me.

05.06.08//A second attempt to dig into the ugliest parts of myself.

05.04.08//I do not think of you


04.16.08//oh, but yes, you can

04.07.08//Japan versus California

04.05.08//the green beneath my fingernails

04.01.08//I forgive you, please come back to my bed.

03.23.08//your initials are the same as the pneumonic for tuberculosis

03.20.08//I could go for your slanted smile right about now.

03.18.08//well, we don't ever have to fall in love


03.15.08//the things we project when we are about to go

03.09.08//The ways toes tap in rhythm, or 'I am Tired of Being Hurt by You'

03.02.08//when nothing is focused but everything is required to be

02.01.08//the things i shouldn't let you hear.

01.20.08//accidental tattoos

01.07.08//the curse of being hurt by men who are 24.

12.29.07//Happening upon things.

12.16.07//Consider this an ode for the things I am owed.

12.10.07//The Envy of Interconnectedness

11.23.07//he didn't ask if he could have the cookies, he just ate them

11.02.07//Sexpot Jesus

10.26.07//the salt of the empire ocean air.

10.07.07//jogging with cummings.

09.17.07//a game of strategy and intellect

09.01.07//an insult.

08.22.07//the scent of an entire village

08.17.07//Opening the jam jars.

08.09.07//1724, this is fucking surreal

08.07.07//Endorphin association: a theory


07.30.07//A love piece for the rain

07.30.07//A love piece for the rain

07.16.07//Maybe in another life we can be turtles together avoiding being made into soup, you know?

07.04.07//a single silence song for the silly shells satiated only by fists.

06.30.07//like an atom bomb, or "mexican bulldogs popping grapes between their teeth"

06.22.07//take the A train to dream land, I will sing to you there if you wish

06.19.07//and I'll still let you believe that this is about my fear of intimacy.

06.15.07//Flower sandwiches

06.13.07//the hotel on 50th street

06.07.07//Red bicyclette and sourdough, like old times, like old times

05.31.07//not pretty enough, smart enough, accomplished enough

05.27.07//this is possibly the most bitter post i've ever posted


05.11.07//white towels

05.07.07//a million tangents about the intangible

05.01.07//two thirty and twenty two hours no sleep

04.28.07//ashes to ashes and we all fall down.

04.21.07//the hierarchy of needs.

04.11.07//newspapers, soda, chips, beer, cigarettes


03.30.07//energy in motion

03.27.07//doom is mood spelled backwards.

03.20.07//california will sink into the pacific.

03.16.07//egyptian breads.


02.27.07//but we all bring one another down, so there's nobody left to pick anybody up.

02.12.07//firecrackers in bulgaria, for what they are worth

02.04.07//the scent of smoke lingers for a longer time than the act of smoking takes in itself.

01.21.07//lake placid

01.03.07//some immortalization, for you

12.27.06//spoiled sick like milk you let sit too long

12.08.06//keep sleeping, i am only waiting with breath that is bated

11.24.06//there will always be a part of me who replaces your name with the phrase "big brother"

11.16.06//in the corners of the room there is no room for change


10.30.06//everything inside of me is so horribly muddled


10.24.06//think positive

10.10.06//you're so scared of being left, but you are the one who did the leaving

10.07.06//maybe it's simply a passing phase

10.05.06//it's like the painting i wanted for you to paint

09.29.06//It's what's best for the both of us, you see?

09.26.06//and finally, something about backfire.

09.17.06//triumphant, successful, i win.

09.15.06//but i don't having seething hatred for you anymore

09.13.06//a direction is not an instruction, but you must follow it relentlessly anyhow

09.09.06//you were drunk outside of my door saying you wanted to see me, i pretended to be sleeping

09.07.06// a punch in the stomach.

09.04.06//you don't understand a thing i say, so i lie.

09.03.06//don't you worry, there's still time

08.31.06//tell her how worthless she is, that's the best way to make her love you

08.29.06//if you love something let it go, but keep it on a string

08.23.06//it's better to abandon than to be abandoned

08.16.06//I think this is normal at times like this.

08.12.06//All of the dogs in your hometown fell in love with me

07.27.06//licking stamps.

07.20.06//the first time you fell in love


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i thought, well, maybe you like ham.

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